How Blockchain can improve Neuromorphic Computing Technology

Researchers have been shaping two promising technologies for years and have received media attention. One of these technologies is neuromorphic computing technology. Computer chips are designed based on the image of the human brain and higher computing power is achieved than ever before. This not only enables supercomputers, but also creates the opportunity for a new generation of AI technologies. Neuromorphic chips are designed to function similarly to the neurons and synapses in the human brain.

The next disruptive technology is the blockchain. Known for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, blockchain is one of the technologies that can lead to disruptive changes in many industries. If you combine the blockchain with neuromorphic systems and AI technologies, you get a promising super technology. The blockchain in combination with neuromorphic computing chips can log and understand all decisions made by AI systems. The problem of traceability of decisions is currently one of the biggest weaknesses of new AI technology.

Despite the high potential, there are not many companies currently doing active research in this area. One of these companies is the Munich startup The researchers at combine neuromorphic computing technology with blockchain to create an optimal basis for AI technologies. Given the disruptive potential, may become one of the leading technology companies in the next few years, and will also use a token designed specifically for the technology called NMP. The NMP token is to be used as an interface for neuromorphic computing technology and benefits from the cryptocurrency market.

Given the immense potential, large technology companies should push ahead with the combination of blockchain and neuromorphic computing. This is the only way to develop disruptive technologies and make them marketable.

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