Huptex (HTX) – Token Investigation!

SCAM: Our investigations shows clearly, that Huptex is a scam token, DONT INVEST IN THIS TOKEN OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY!!!

Why many people heared about Huptex?

Many people heared about the Token Huptex in the last months. The main reason was the ongoing Airdrop. It was possible to receive free HTX-Token.

What is Huptex?

Huptex (HTX) is a side-chain, relay matching node network for asset settlement and trading matching based on Ethereum. Under the premise of maintain complete decentralized, side-chain computing is a very important method to save gas, reduce the pressure of ETH main chain to perform ETH asset settlement, trading and build global trading pool. Under complete decentralization, settlement provides multiple types of settlement services. Self-management of user assets, multiple businesses, global sharing of order pool. DAPP has all the autonomous rights, such as the right to use network resources, add assets, set fee currency, and so on. Support the docking of DAPP parties involved in settlement business in any application field without any authorization or restriction. Search Engine: Huptex database contains over 200K suppliers, buyers and service providers. Locations of suppliers are verified by “crowd verification“ mechanism. Searching can be done using product name, company name, location, content of posts. Machine Learning Based Matching System: Huptex trains system with profiles of suppliers, buyers and service providers. HTX also use ”Huptex” in order to find the best match between these stakeholders. HTX Token: Node providers staking HTX and getting rewards for participating in transaction confirmations. HTX will also be used as rewards in order to reduce the cost of networking. It will also be used to purchase premium services of Huptex platform at a discounted price.

Where is Huptex listed?

Centralized Exchanges:

  1. ExtStock [HTX/ETH] (register here for free)
  2. VinDAX [HTX/ETH} (register here for free)
  3. Bitfare [HTX/USDC, HTX/USDT, HTX/ETH, HTX/BTC, HTX/BSV, HTX/TRX, HTX/BTF] (register here for free)

Decentralized Exchange

  1. Bamboo Relay [HTX2/WETH] (register here for free)
  2. Saturn Network [HTX/ETH] (register here for free)
  3. Forkdelta [HTX/ETH] (register here for free)

Whats coming next?

The Huptex-Team is working hard for the project. The next steps are more exchanges, product development and more partnerships to improve the project.

Huptex Roadmap

Project Informations

Huptex Price Prediction

Huptex is a highly limited Token and the total supply was only 5 Million at the beginning. The total Airdrop was 2.7 Million and the Huptex-Team burned 1 Million token (proof of coinburn). The current total supply is 3.877.822 HTX. That means, that the price prediction is higher than other projects.

Which price is realistic?

Considering the total supply, the roadmap and the current and coming exchanges, the realistic price is higher than the current price. If the market cap reaches 1 Million (possible market cap for regular projects), then the price would reach $0.26. Thats a high BUY signal for the Huptex-Token.

Result: Huptex is a highly trustful project with a great team. The price prediction is also positive!

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