(NMP) ▷ ICO Review (9/10)

Project Description

According to the information on the website and the white paper, focuses on the research and development of Neuromorphic Computing. The new and innovative thing is the integration of blockchain technology into the neuromorphic processes. Neuromorphic computing tries to imitate the processes in the brain, which can massively increase the computing power. The neuromorphic technology also represents an important part of artificial intelligence. By implementing the blockchain, processes and decisions of AI systems can be traced, which enables a technological leap. Because the current research of artificial intelligence can lead to decisions of AI systems, however, the decision-making process is still unknown and a kind of „black box“. The blockchain-based neuromorphic computing technology enables the development of transparent and comprehensible AI systems.

The company has set itself ambitious goals and, if successful, has the potential to become one of the leading companies in the field of neuromorphic computing.

Goals and Roadmap

Q1 2020

ICO launch, building corporate and institutional connections. Starting multiple research projects with international universities. Building a community of investors and companies.

Q2 2020

Developing the B2B-Marketplace DApp by using NMP-Token. Listing NMPToken on Exchanges. Advance the Development and Research or blockchainbased neuromorphic computing technology.

Q3 2020

Start developing the supplier-network. Partnering with multiple Fortune Global 500 companies. Progress of development our blockchain-based neuromorphic computing.

Q4 2020

Launch the B2B-Marketplace DApp. Implement NMP-Token in neuromorphic computing development in all partnered companies. Listing NMP-Token in 20 exchanges in total.

Q1 2021

Development of the first prototype of our blockchain-based neuromorphic computing technology. Launch of the decentralized Supplier-Network with 150,000 qualified companies. Token: NMP

According to the website and the white paper, the company will use the specially introduced token NMP for the technological development of blockchain-based neuromorphic computing. The company will also develop a decentralized B2B marketplace application that will serve as an interface between technology companies in the area of ​​neuromorphic computing. Newly developed neuromorphic technologies are to be traded on this platform and the NMP token will be used as the currency. The company is also planning to develop a network for suppliers of neuromorphic technologies. This is intended to create an interface between technology companies and supplier companies. The peculiarity of the network is the „Trust Index“, whereby technology companies can find the most trustworthy suppliers.

The NMP token can thus be used in many ways and with a total supply of only 10 million, the price could be significantly high.

Online presence and Social Media channels

Initial Coin Offering

The company enables investors to purchase NMP tokens as an investment at an early stage. From February 15, 2020 to June 1, 2020, the sale phase of the NMP token will run and investors will be allowed to buy at the lowest price.

The ICO conditions are:

  • 0.05 ETH to receive 10 NMP
  • 0.1 ETH to receive 30 NMP (30% bonus incl.)
  • 0.5 ETH to receive 200 NMP (30% bonus incl.)
  • 1 ETH to receive 500 NMP (25% bonus incl.)

The lowest Price in the ICO phase is 0.002 ETH/NMP. Currently the Token is already tradeble in some decentralized exchanges for 0.005 ETH/NMP. This price range is allowing a profit of 250% with the current prices. The ICO token distribution is planned for June 1, 2020, after the official end of the ICO.

In view of the ICO information, good strategic planning is assumed. According to the white paper, the token is also used by technology companies for the B2B marketplace, which is why 30 percent of the total token is reserved for it and will not be available in the long term. The company also states that technology companies have to pay a significantly higher price for NMP tokens. As a result, it can be expected that the market price will also reach a significantly higher value.

Team and possible EU-Support

The team consists of renowned scientists from the fields of neuromorphic technology. According to information, the managing director Michael Brandt works at Deutsche Telekom and can also demonstrate good references. Thomas Voigt, who works as a developer for neuromorphic technologies, can also demonstrate good references and with his experience can make a great contribution to the development. Particularly noteworthy is Christoph Seidel, who has many years of experience as an expert in neuromorphic computing. This is a good basis for driving the development of blockhain based neuromorphic computing. The team consists of numerous other experts and academic staff, all of whom can demonstrate a university degree. In addition, it is often mentioned that there is a possibility of subsidies from the European Union. The EU supports companies that drive technological progress, which is why there is a good chance that will also benefit from this research funding.
Considering the team members who are all technology experts, chances are very good that the project will be successful. There is also the possibility that the European Union supports the project, which is why an increase in the NMP course is expected in the long term.

NMP-Token Price Prediction

In view of the project information presented, a very high course can be achieved in the long term. Technology companies in the field of neuromorphic computing often have billions of high market values, which is why the successful development of blockchain-based neuromorphic computing can lead to a very high market value for the company Due to the very limited number of NMP tokens (10 million), a token price of $100 to $500 can be achieved.

Result: The project has set itself ambitious goals which, if successful, can lead to a very high market value. Thanks to the team of experts, the strategic planning and the possible support from the European Union, the project is very promising.

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